Friday, October 4, 2013

Hawaii Skies - Look UP!

A  L  O  H  A !    Argent by Hold Your Head Up on Grooveshark
Look UP

" With Knowledge


More Doubt. "


Look Up

" The best 
lack all conviction, 
while the worst
 are full of 
passionate intensity. 
Surely some revelation 
is at hand - "


Look Up
 Flaming Pearlessence

" No matter what side
of an argument 
you are on,
you always find
some people
on your side
that you wish
were on
the other side. "

Jascha Heifetz

What are we looking at?

" The most intense conflicts,
 if overcome, 
leave behind
 a sense of security 
and calm 
that is not easily disturbed. 
It is just these intense conflicts
 and their conflagration 
which are needed 
to produce valuable
 and lasting results. "

Carl Jung

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Let's hope so!
Don't let
the fools in charge
steal your calm.

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