Tuesday, May 22, 2012


A  L  O  H  A !

Yellow Bird by The Ventures on Grooveshark

   " You can fly away,
In the sky away
You more lucky
 than me." 

 Yellow Bird, 
Jamaican Tradtional

[ I believe this is a

Citril Finch 
also called a 
Corsican Finch
 (Serinus citrinella) ]

" The moment a little boy
 is concerned with which is a jay 
and which is a sparrow, 
he can no longer see the birds
 or hear them sing. "

Eric Berne

" The sparrow that is twittering
 on the edge of my balcony
 is calling up to me this moment
 a world of memories 
that reach over half my lifetime, 
and a world of hope
 that stretches farther
 than any flight 
of sparrows. "

Donald G. Mitchell

    " Did your lady friend   
leave the nest again?
That is very bad,
   Makes me feel so sad. "

" Nothing
 can bring you peace 
but yourself. "

Ralph Waldo Emerson

" Wish that I was a yellow bird,
I fly away with you.
But I am not a yellow bird
So I sit, nothing else to do. "

Jamaican Folk Tune

" But time growing old

teaches all things. "



Since Dad passed
a lot about my life
about me
has become
to me.

The Story of Me
comes into focus
an insight at a

Comedy & tragedy
obstacles surmounted,
years spent
opportunities unnoticed

But I'm not sad
about all that.

It is
It Is.

And that,
the IS-
not the 
was, or should have been,
or wasn't-

The IS
just is,
and it's alright
with me.

Some war is over.

Most humans
throughout our history
have felt the ancestors
to be important 
in daily life
and destiny.
Care is given
to remember
and honor them.

I feel my Dad
moving Heaven
and Earth
for me.

Thank YOU
for  visiting!

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Warmly, cloudia