Saturday, March 2, 2013

Paradise Was

A L O H A !
" Paradise 
was made for 
tender hearts;
for loveless hearts. "


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Keep Your Head

A L O H A !
  Argent by Hold Your Head Up on Grooveshark

Each generation is bemused
to see their baubles & beliefs
become nostalgia.

Each generation is shocked
when their 'way things are'
slides into
'how we used to do it.'

History is not over!
Our children see
 through new lenses
as did we.

So what have we accomplished?
What 'Age' have we been living in?

Only with the perspective of time
and the arrogance of scholars
are labels attached:
'Dark Age'  'Age of Discovery'

Perhaps our Age of Unraveling,
of chickens coming finally home
to roost in our guts,
is not the Age
our children know;
Just prologue, 
brother prologue.

The carriage man's world
in a romance of speed
 and flight.

 Thus ended the
Age of Horse.

Each generation
upon the grave
 of their elders,
still ignorant mercifully
as were we
that History has not ended
however much it seems so
in their midday sun.

So, dear Friend:
& Be Happy.
And if things seem to be
Falling Apart?
They ALWAYS Are.
Don't cry that the box
is no longer full.
Enjoy your chocolates
right through
to the end
of the

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