Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Ride Repeat Ride

A  L  O  H  A !
Keep walking, despite the 

impediment most heavy - 

keep walking, despite the 

agony most torturous - 

keep walking, despite the 

mockery most foul - 

just keep walking, 

for, your walk counts – 

for, your walk is not 

just your walk, but 

the walk of our 

whole humanity.

          Abhijit Naskar

Although our intellect 

always longs for 

clarity and certainty, 

our nature often finds 

uncertainty fascinating. 

     Carl von Clausewitz

Do not despise your 

own place and hour. 

Every place is 

under the stars, 

every place is the 

center of the world. 

    John Burroughs

Some Have Been Pro-Duck-Tive!
Together we can 

face any challenges 

as deep as the ocean 

and as high 

as the sky. 

   Sonia Gandhi

Grab a drink,

a few friends,

and go for a 

socially distant 


Or Not!


One of the lessons 
of riding on two wheels 
is about obstacles in the road. 
We tend to focus on obstacles. 
But we go where we look
and it draws us right to them. 

Notice obstacles yes, but 
do not dwell on them. 
Set your face to the open path 
and the place you want to go 
and soon the obstacle 
will be behind you. 
Ride repeat ride and you get 
to your destination.
Ride On!


Love You!

Pixie [there I am!]
& cloudia [present!]

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