Monday, February 24, 2014

Sunny Cruise Waikiki

A    L    O   H    A  !
Drifting by Jimi Hendrix on Grooveshark
Lahaina, Kona, Tokyo - Wherever YOU want!

" When you know that, 
the power that is LIFE
 is inside you, 
you accept your own 
and yet you are
because you see 
that same divinity
 in everyone else. "

Don Miguel Ruiz

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Paddlers at Play by Palm Shores

“ You are not 
just the drop 
in the ocean. 
You are 
the mighty ocean 
in the drop. "


Pretty Papaya Tree

"Knowledge speaks, 
but wisdom 

 Jimi Hendrix

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"I don't want to 
achieve immortality 
through my work; 
I want to achieve 
through not dying."

 Woody Allen


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