Monday, January 2, 2012

Renewal and Rest

Aloha New Year

" The last time I checked,
it was still legal
to take long, deep breaths. "

Jeff Davidson

" True silence
is the rest of the mind.
And it is to the spirit 
what sleep is to the body -
nourishment and refreshment. "

William Penn

" Inside myself 
is a place where I live 
all alone 
and that is where I renew my springs 
that never dry up. "
Pearl S. Buck

" In quiet places, 
reason abounds. "

Adlai Stevenson

" Never be afraid
to sit awhile and think. "

Lorraine Hansberry

 < ° ) } } > <         > < } } ( ° >

just when we've completed
the great emotional & physical tasks
  of the Holidays
instead of retreating
to take it all in,
to recover,
to make ready the New Year-
Instead of behaving sensibly-

We are expected to
Get Back To Normal.

It's a plot. 

Ignore 'normal' for a while.

This is YOUR time!

Your time
to take your time.

Perhaps to Re-Define.

Well that's Fine!

I feel as empty
as a scoured bowl-
Fit repository
for a soul.

So be gentle with your New Self,
you paradox, You!
As we grow,
we become our truest selves.

The best growth has flavors of
and also 

Thanks for making it over here today.
This thing of ours
is a soulful cafeteria
and wouldn't be the same
without the flavor that

Thank You-

Leave a 'leaving' in comments!

Warmly, cloudia

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