Saturday, August 11, 2012

Walking Stones

A  L  O  H  A !
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 " I am one
 who is fond of 
olden times
 and intense in quest 
of the sacred knowing
 of the ancients.  "

Gustave Courbet

" Some are so very 
of learning what was done
 by the ancients
 that they know not
 how to live
 with the 
moderns.  "

William Penn"

 “ Reflection is 
a flower of the mind,
 giving out
 wholesome fragrance ”

 Desiderius Erasmus

 “ But who will watch my lilies, 
 When their blossoms open white? 
By day the sun shall be sentry, 
 And the moon and the stars by night!”

Bayard Taylor

 " The snowdrop and primrose
 our woodlands adorn, 
and violets bathe 
in the wet o' the morn.  "

Robert Burns

 {] : [}

Ah the ancients.
How did they do it?

Building things,
unimaginably heavy
across  oceans


Modern theories are often

Old stories
tell of magic
and gods.

There is a stone
not far from here
at the gates of Punahou School
that our president passed
daily there
as a school boy.

Actually, the stone
by the gate
is just a fragment
of the original 
[ Link ]

There remains
an old legend 
about the moving 
of the great Pohaku: 
" This is not a stone,
it is a man "

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The stone that 
like a man.

sounds cool, right?

Well below is a video
of a large stone
with the help of 
some friends
right here
on this island.

It may clear up
an enduring mystery
about the great Moai
of Rapa Nui.
 ( "Easter Island" )

Thank YOU
for 'walking' here today

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                               Warmly, cloudia