Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dodged the Bullet

A L O H A!
Aren't YOU glad that YOU aren't in Waikiki Today?
click on photos for the full experienceThe folks at the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center
are busily working the phones, computers & satellite feeds.
They are monitoring buoys scattered throughout the Pacific
looking for patterns and trends.
An 8.4 earthquake rumbled in Samoa today
creating waves that pushed some cars around, destroyed at least one village, and injured some people; though there
are no reports of fatalities.

Selfishly, the question for me is:
"Do I need to grab necessities
(including Kitty) and head for the hills?
We do after all live on a boat here in Waikiki.

Bless my gal pal Judy who called to warn me and re-activate our standing emergencies-invite to her lovely home WAY up
on the hillside.
(Thanks, Special!)

Imagine living in the days when a gentle, island day like this could suddenly,
without warning, erupt in a huge killer wave or hurricane!
Better to know, but still disruptive of my planned day.

"Why must there always be a problem!"
George Costanza / Larry David

Well, General Lee, of the Hawaii National Guard and the
Civil Defense honchos
inside their Diamond Head HQ, are letting their breath out as the experts at PTWC downgrade the threat to our Islands.
At 11:11 am Hawaiian Standard Time it appears that we will have some unusual tides, but no hugely dangerous tsunami, arriving sometime after 1pm.

Locals and visitors are advised not to swim in the ocean till 7:30 pm.
I will be standing by to ease up my lines, shift bumpers, & otherwise protect our floating

Not the way I intended to spend my day but. . .
"Life is what happens, while you are busy making other plans."
John Lennon

And speaking of major impacts that can shatter all "normalcy"
yesterday, September 28th, was the 75th Birthday of "BB"
Brigitte Bardot

<>< . ><>
"In all her films, she likes animals."
De Beauvoir

"Well my telephone rang it would not stop.
It's President Kennedy callin` me up.
He said 'My friend Bob, what do we need
to make the country grow?'
I said, 'My friend, Brigitte Bardot. . . .' "
Thanks SO much for looking in.
Let's meet here tomorrow for more
mundane sights,
Quirky Quotes,
and "Tall Tale" speculations!
Warm Aloha, Cloudia