Sunday, February 18, 2018

Hawaii Photo of the Day

A  L  O  H  A !

Where's Cloudia?

A  L  O  H  A !
Manoa Valley, Oahu Hawaii. Got my university
degree down there at UH.

"My father considered 
a walk among the mountains as 
the equivalent of churchgoing." 
                        Aldous Huxley

Waikiki Dawn. See the birds and the tourists?

"I welcome this new day.  
It is a gift to me, 
a new creation, a promise 
of resurrection. . .
I salute the Sun, the Earth, 
the Seas, and the Sky.
I am thankful for being 
alive this morning."
             Ceisiwr Serith

Grant's Sunset Reflection: Honolulu

"Life is short. We don't 
have much time to 
gladden the hearts of 
those who walk this 
way with us. So, 
be swift to love and 
make haste to be kind.”
             Henri-Frederic Amiel

A strange journey of which both legs were homeward bound. Yes. 
I went home to Honolulu
for a few days and it was magical!
The friends, the places and skies
and mountains that also
are my friends; They all
greeted me beautifully.

From Chinese Temples (And Shinto)
at Lunar New Year of the 
Brown Earth Dog,
to family, to food,
music and so much more!

I was even invited into
Iolani Palace- which I
can't wait to show you.

Returning to San Francisco
International Airport, I capped
off my adventure by meeting one
of my dearest, favorite-est
authors: Armistead Maupin,
whose Tails of the City [Link] helped
define my young life, San Francisco
in a special time, and stands as 
cherished to so many, many people!

Best of all, I'm back here
with YOU! We have so much
to share in the days ahead.
ALOHA, means:
"I love You"
And so we continue:
sharing what matters,

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Thank YOU
             Fondly, cloudia