Saturday, November 26, 2011

Saturday Sat & Sang

A L O H A !

 The Great Fire Camel Invites You to a New Day

" I never invite idiots to my house."
Elizabeth Montagu                                                                            

" Love... 
Force it and it disappears.
  You can only guide its expression.
It comes or it goes 
according to those qualities in life
that invite it 
or deny its presence.  "

  David Seabury

 Sky Oh My!

" God and Nature 
first made us what we are,
and then
out of our own created genius 
we make ourselves
what we want to be. "
Marcus Garvey

"Wrong" Side of the Flower?

" A woman said to me
when she first sat down, 
You're photographing
the wrong side of my face.
I said, Oh,
is there one? "

 Imogen Cunningham 

" Friends, You & I "
"Couldn't Agree More! "

 " What the world needs  
is more geniuses
with humility, 
there are so few
of us left. " 

                           Oscar Levant

Pink Pool of Quiet Joy Splashed Across My Path

" A sense of curiosity
is nature’s original school
of education. "

Smiley Blanton

Volvo Detail; Beauty & Function

“ Nature is not only 
all that is visible to the eye.. 
it also includes
the inner pictures 
of the soul ”

 Edvard Munch

Me & My Bread Machine. 
How few ingredients! All pronounceable! 
I want to thank Alex, the Fairy Hob Mother,
of AppliancesOnLine  
for the smashing bread machine 
that I won!
You can read more at my post

 The smell and taste of home-baked bread is HEAVEN !

" The smell of good bread baking,
like the sound of lightly flowing water, 
is indescribable
in its evocation of innocence
and delight. " 

M.F.K. Fisher

   > < } } ( ° >

is the real stuff
of our life.

Don't waste it
on the inessential,
or let your seasons

So in what essential
shall we

I have learned
in future plans
or BIG moments.

dwell in the texture of

against window,
through eye lids,

Changing changing
. . .


Spending my time
framing my shots,
re-framing my

I'm SO glad YOU are on this journey too!
Bless You, Friend-
YOUr comment is appreciated
                                                                              Warmly, cloudia