Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Splendor of China

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 Happy 11 1 11

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 Went to the Splendor of China trade show

& extravaganza on Saturday.

A bargain trip to the Middle Kingdom

at $3/door.



“ With money you are a dragon;

with no money, a worm ”


  Chinese Proverb

“ On with the dance! 

Let joy be unconfined ”


Lord Byron 



      “To forget one's ancestor's 

                                is to be a brook without a source,

                           a tree without root ”


                                            Chinese Proverb 

Root & seed of Chinese culture:

brush, ink, stone.

Bridge Child

" One joy 
      a hundred griefs. "

" An inch of time is an inch of gold
but you can't buy that inch of time
with an inch of gold. "

" Not until just before dawn
do people sleep best; 
not until people get old 
do they become wise. "

Chinese Proverbs

As we walked along,
I saw the Shanghai Calligrapher Zun Gui Li 
executing a stroke of the piece above. 
One didn't need factual knowledge of the art
to appreciate the grace,
flair, control & off-handedness
in his movements and results.

Thick, thin, light, dark 
the lines played out perfectly.
When he wrote in
the finer, smaller characters
I went wild (quietly).

  His assistant explained to me 
that such a piece
would sell in Shanghai for the equivalent
of $45 USD,
but that he wanted me to have it
for $20
as I was clearly so taken
with it's creation.

  Now that I live on shore, 
I can hang calligraphy!

  This photo
was taken in my apartment.
(I do want to get it framed)

  The artist expressed to me
through his intermediary
that it alludes to the fact that

"kind people live a long time."

Happy thought for you
and for me!

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                                          Warmly, cloudia