Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Time Machine

Golden Summer FRIEND!

click on the pics :)
Waikiki is known for sweeping sky vistas...

"A man without ambition is dead.
A man with ambition but no love is dead.
A man with ambition
and love for his blessings here on earth
is forever so

Pearl Bailey

...But there are little secrets to find. What is this?

"Happiness comes of the capacity

to feel deeply,

to enjoy simply,

to think freely,

to risk life,

to be needed."

Storm Jameson

A little hobo cat lies sleeping.

“The more you know,

the less you need”

Australian Aboriginal Proverb


I love my time machine.
You may call it a scooter, but to me it is a magic carpet.
Since I usually walk through Waikiki
it seems magically effortless to swoop down these same streets
open to the skies,
to Heaven,
yet keeping my eyes alive all around me.

In a car
you are behind a windshield.
Bikers call cars

But on two wheels
you are part of the scene
part of the weather.

I feel rejuvenated!

Of course,
car drivers come to two wheelers
with lots of bad driving habits,
like assuming that others see them.

On a bike you must always remember
that you are invisible.

You must pay Zen attention to your surroundings all around,
not merely ride the bumper of the car ahead.

I was a licensed motorcyclist
before I was licensed to drive a car.

On a bike you are active,
like a cow girl riding herd on the traffic.
The complete attention is soothing,

And the time part?

Well I'm able to swing into a place,
park right away,
complete my chore
and on to the next place.

Suddenly it feels possible
(and fun)
to accomplish every little task.

What fun activity
have you forgotten?

Go build a sand castle,
or a go cart!

If you decide to ride on two wheels
it would be a good idea
to take a rider course.

Break out of the cage.

Let's FLY!

Thank YOU for swinging by here- cloudia

A serious note: Many of you have asked for pictures of the scooter.
I'd enjoy showing you, but it occurs to me that the web has many
lurkers, some of whom might live here in Honolulu.

Prudence demands a certain reserve, and I advise YOU to
safeguard YOUR self while on line too.

So NO scooter pictures. Sorry.

But just picture me on a little Japanese pony
having the time of my life
and you will "have" the
true picture!

Now YOU stay safe :)