Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Mind Wandering Wednesday

 A   L   O   H   A  !

One woman is a 

tiny divine spark in 

a timeless sisterhood 

tapestry collective; all

of us are Wild Women.

          Jan Porter

Success doesn’t measure 

a human being, 

effort does.

     Adam M. Grant

I arise in the morning 

torn between a desire 

to improve the world and 

a desire to enjoy the world,

         E. B. White 

I was eleven, 

then I was sixteen. 

Though no honors 

came my way, those 

were the lovely years. 

 Truman Capote

The Rabbi told this story
and it's his only one that I remember.

"When I was a little boy I had so much fun!"
Playing with others, running, playing with my toys.
I thought it would never get better than that.

But I enjoyed school too, growing more and more,
dating and playing sports with my friends.
It would never get better than that, I thought.

At Yeshiva (Seminary) I played on the basketball team.
We even won the big championship!
This has to be the high point of my life I thought,
celebrating with my team.

Meeting the perfect woman,
Marrying her!
Life could never be happier than this,"
he told us. And paused a long time.

Then one day, his perfect wife was
bringing  a new life into the world.
Waiting nearby, he realized: 
"This is  must be life's highest moment!"

He turned to his father,
also a Rabbi, and told him this.

His father only shined and replied.
"No. Seeing your first grandchild enter the world.
THIS is life's greatest moment!"

I have been through some tough times,
but have many happy memories
of mountaintop moments!

Riding with my sisters
in the motorcycle club
that we started,
was a REAL high for sure.

So many more.
Each day in Hawaii
is an epic mural of
beauty and light.

I hope you savor
the place that is
yours too.

Strange to write of high points
during this pandemic,
while many of us grew some,
others became gruesome.

But I DO.
I feel the peak
when I see YOU!

Carry on.
It does get better.
Much has been exposed
in order to be put right.

I'm deeply hopeful.

Thank YOU
for being a real friend!

    Cloudia & Pixie