Thursday, February 6, 2014

This Blogger-Sphere of Ours

A     L     O     H     A   !
 Sky? Lake? Which is which?
Lovely just to wonder.

There are gifts everywhere
for those hearts
that find,
and especially those
who Share them!

Light Up the Hill, Evening Sun of February

" That hurt we 
becomes joy. 
Call it to your arms 
where it can 
change. "


Cat Who Patrols Parking Area "B"

" Flow with 
whatever is happening 
and let your 
mind be free. 
Stay centered 
by accepting 
you are doing. 
This is called
The Ultimate. "

Chuang Tzu 


When the shimmer of
an insects wing 
in flight
fills you with delight,
your ear attentive 
to the shooshing
and wooshing of
 leaves in the breeze;
The grass chorus joining
in fluent Grass-ese,
How then to endure
Shakespeare's 'Idiot's Tale'
all sound and fury in
service to?

Exactly my point.
It takes more than 
Special Effects
to win hearts.

 Art needs resonance,
Story an arc (or two),
unobtrusive media-
Good writing, 
is one example.
Like great actors
it disappears 
in the ' character '
not drawing attention
to Itself.

Some themes endure
through history,
in every Culture-
If you can recognize some
of these Archetypes,
or better, know their 
truth in your life,
then perhaps
you are a story teller
who can enthrall
on a street corner
at Dusk, or
Who writes 
a World
that this world
clamors to enter.

Then Ink & Film
and shared imagination
of a generation
will wrap you in
ermine, awards
determined Reward$
Legendary Creative
Statu$ !

Blogger PLEASE!
Wake Up
from your dream.

Just find the right Quote,
a picture of a boat,
a sunset (again!?)
a four legged friend -

And put something 
UP for tomorrow
in this
of Ours.

Your garden,
your street,
your photo,
mean more to me
than the latest
empty block-buster.

I value the GOOD

Thanks for visiting her,
fellow Blogger-Spherians!