Thursday, July 17, 2014

Honolulu Good Fences

A  l  o  h  a !
"The road to success 
is dotted with 
many tempting 
parking spaces." 
                       Will Rodgers 

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The Real Things

A L O H A !
" Remember, 
you don’t have to
 attend every argument 
you are invited to. "

" I am beginning
 to learn 
that it is the sweet, 
simple things
 of life 
which are the
 real ones
 after all. "
                     Laura Ingalls Wilder

" You must go on
 trying to be sincere.
 Each day you put on 
a mask,
 and you must take it off 
little by little. "
                                   G.I. GURDJIEFF


Lovely to see
again, my Friends!
                   Fondly, cloudia