Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What Is This "Nothing" ?

A  L  O  H  A !

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" What wisdom can you find -

- that is greater
 than kindness? "

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

" Seize
 the moments of happiness,
and be loved! 
 is the only
 reality in the world, 
all else is folly. "
Leo Tolstoy

" Wisdom comes
 with the ability to be still.
 Just look
 and just listen.

No more is needed.

 Being still, looking,
 and listening
 activates the non-conceptual intelligence
 within you.
Let stillness 
direct your words
 and actions. "

Eckhart Tolle
Stillness Speaks


Look into the notebook
you kept even five years ago.

Re-read the post
you published that first week
of blogging.

Open that file
of pictures you shot
back in the day.

After you smile,
and shake your head
at the naive
who left those
Think upon
how much MORE
you understand,
that you didn't 
back then.

Every peak
every achievement
is now seen
as but a step
along the trail.

do we GET there?!

The wise but smile.

" The first and wisest of them all
To know this only, 
that he
 nothing knew. "

John Milton

But this 'nothing'
is richer
and more effective
than the 
" knows it all. "

Thanks for joining us 
in this smile today!

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                             Warmly, cloudia