Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Prize Skies

A   L   O   H   A !
Caverns of Flame

"Set your life on fire. 

Seek those 

who fan your 



Gilded Will

" It takes a lot 

of courage 

to show your dreams 

to someone else. "

               Erma Bombeck 

 luna di miele

 Flaming Flamingo

" -the poem tells me 

little or nothing. 

Rather it invites me 

to tell myself 

what the poem means. " 

                      John Bremer


Slavering Dragon

 Doodle Puff

" The pendulum of the mind 

alternates between 

sense and nonsense, 

not between 

right and wrong. "

                       Carl Jung

 All - Seeing  Eye

" Mingo "

" Don't let yesterday 

use up too much 

of today. "

               Cherokee Wisdom

Jim  Bow

"There are far,

far better things


than any we leave 


C.S. Lewis

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Thanks for floating By!
                      Warmly, cloudia