Sunday, December 28, 2014

Monday Mural Oahu

A L O H A !

Lobby Mural  
Castle Hospital, Oahu
by Bob Flint, 1997

I like the multi-generational, 
multi-ethnic/cultural mix of folks
in this mural. The local
Ko`olau Mountains are 
a familiar backdrop.
This image says a lot about our
 family-centered lifestyle
on this "country" side of
the island.

It says:
"Aloha. We local too.
No worry, eh?"

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Thank You!

Fulcrum of the YEAR

A L O H A !

" Faith is not 
the clinging to 
a shrine 
but an endless 
of the heart. "
           Abraham Joshua Heschel

" Resolve to 
keep happy,
 and your joy 
and you 
shall form an
 invincible host
 against difficulties.” 
                   Helen Keller

" Rehashing the past 
wouldn't change anything. 
Time to move forward."
                            Zena Wynn


This is the week

One year is having
it's victory lap,
parade of 
events & personalities;
All complete
but the paperwork.

Another year is 
untainted as of yet,
is hoped for,
and not one 
first regret.

Perfect parabola
gravity gone away.
Fill it as you will it
never goes away.

Thank YOU
for looking in-
             Fondly, cloudia