Monday, September 24, 2012

Am I Selfish?

A    L    O    H    A   !

" Aging 
is not lost youth 
but a new stage 
of opportunity 
and strength. "

Betty Friedan

" To keep the heart 
to be hopeful,
 kindly, cheerful, 
that is to triumph 
over old age. "

 Thomas Bailey Aldrich

" The best part 
about being 
my age
 is in knowing 
how my life 
worked out. "

 Scott Adams

" Nothing is inherently
 and invincibly young 
except spirit. 
And spirit can enter
 a human being 
perhaps better
 in the quiet of old age 
and dwell there
 more undisturbed
 than in the turmoil
 of adventure. "

George Santayana

" For the unlearned, old age is winter;
 for the learned,
 it is the season of 
the harvest. "

Hasidic saying


Ever since childhood
I have been passionate
about "old" people.

Passionate in my appreciation,
of their sheer survival
and all that they have seen.
I have always found them

Even a simple person
who lives to be 'aged'
is blessed,
possessing a knowing
that the smartest youth
cannot understand.

Anyone who cheats,
harms, or misleads a senior
is the lowest form of life
in my eyes.

But now I face a dilemma:
to defend seniors
is beginning to
look an awful lot
like defending my own
I've always been more 
advocating for others
than selling for myself.
Is it OK for me to feel
that I am one
of those due respect?
Is it OK to think of myself
with that same appreciation,
or am I exempt,
the only one NOT
worthy of it
to myself?
I'm reminded of the story,
of the woman aged 93
who spent her days
volunteering at the senior center.
"Why don't you relax?"
she was asked.
Her reply?
"Well who would help
the old people?!"

So I too will continue
to advocate
for "them."

While You & I
stay forever young
through fields of 'blog'
we run together
hand in hand.


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"Age is an issue of
mind over matter.
 If you don't mind,
 it doesn't matter."

 Mark Twain