Sunday, April 20, 2014

Mural Cars of Honolulu

A   L   O   H   A !
Happy Dolphins on a VW Bug

“ One's destination 
is never a place, 
but a new way 
of seeing things. ” 

 Henry Miller

Mystical Ecstasy  on a Dodge

" It seems to me
 every one of us
 is doing something 
 for this world. "

Yani Tseng

Mondrian of Rothko?

See Murals Around the World

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Golden Worlds

A   L   O   H   A !
“ The grand show is eternal. 
It is always sunrise somewhere. . .
 vapor is ever rising.
 Eternal sunrise,
 eternal dawn 
 on sea and continents 
and islands, 
each in its turn, 
as the round earth rolls.” 

John Muir

Pixie's World

“ Such short little lives 
our pets have to spend 
with us, 
and they spend most of it 
waiting for us to come home each day. 
It is amazing how much love 
and laughter 
they bring into our lives 
and even how much closer 
we become with each other 
because of them.” 

 John Grogan

" Everything is gold, everything is equal
Posted on the porch just chillin', me and my people
Eyelids closed, gold sun shines on
The world’s coated in the gold Krylon "

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

" There shall be 
eternal summer
 in the grateful heart."

Celia Thaxter


Pixie Say:
"Thanks for visit,
Nice Person"

Good Pixie - Good Visitor!

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