Monday, August 25, 2014

What the Angel Said - Over 50

is not a mountain.
You needn't feel
"Over the hill."

It's more of a plateau.

You're born looking up
looking ahead
to this climb.

You head for the landmarks
you recognize:
Growing, Graduation, Gratification.

Much of what we pursue
is illusion.

With each one dispelled
or realized
we become more than we were,
yet more ourselves.

Our perspective changes
with altitude.

Nothing is as it seemed
when we get there.

Often it is much MUCH
than we could ever know.

Now that I have achieved
the journey over the lip
of what can be glimpsed
by those under 50.
I see not a decline
down some other side
but a delightful raising path
towards lovely mystery.

If the Unknown
can be called lovely.

The harsh sun of midday
so suited to the work I had to do
does not penetrate here.

The atmosphere is gentle,
even if unknowns lurk about,

Oh there is work to be done
but with urgency removed.
I do not want to eat up miles,
but to savor my steps.

Each stage of life
has its tasks and compensations
and I intend to enjoy 
ALL of mine!

Age is a gift
to those who can
accept it.

You deserve ALL
Good Things, Friend-
That is my wish for
                Warmly, cloudia