Friday, June 14, 2013

Flying Dad

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" Basic research

 is what I am doing 

when I don't know

 what I am doing."

        Wernher von Braun

 " If you can find


everyone agrees on, 

it's wrong."

        Mo Udall

"  Henceforth

 I ask not

 good fortune. 

I myself 


good fortune. "

Walt Whitman

 “Nimble thought

 can jump

 both sea and land”

 William Shakespeare 

" Happiness is

 excitement that has found 

a settling down place.  

But there is always 

a little corner 

that keeps

 flapping around.  "

E.L. Konigsburg

Landing Mom

Some parents
have more fun
than the children!

I enjoyed watching
this family's
flying lessons.

It's good
to teach your children
to try their wings!

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