Friday, October 15, 2010


Aloha, Friend!

That's a BIG Ocean out there!

Way in the distance,
 there just beyond the horizon,
across the 41 mile wide Ka Iwi Channel,

is the Friendly Isle:


Last Sunday's was the 57th organized modern

outrigger canoe race

between the islands of Oahu and Molokai.

 The Ka iwi Channel between them is regarded as one of the most treacherous spans of ocean on our globe.

 The Molokai Hoe (pronounced: 'HOY') canoe race is one of the longest running annual team sporting events
 in our Hawaii.

   The race perpetuates Hawaii's
 (and Polynesia's)
 most important and historic cultural traditions, 
even while welcoming outrigger canoe paddlers
from around the world!

 This supreme test of physical and mental limits,

 of strength, endurance, courage, &

 determination is,

most urgently,

a forge of teamwork

 as the paddlers confront the Earth's 


forces together.

 The winning team:
 Shell Va'a from Tahiti!

Check out this short video of canoes approaching Oahu.
That is the back of Diamond Head towards which they

Hoe = Paddle. Hoe Wa`a! = Paddle the canoe!