Friday, December 19, 2014

Hawaii Gives Good Sky-ii

A  L  O  H  A !
"The Phoenicians 
invented money - 
but why 
so little of it?" 
               Johann Nepomuk Nestroy

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Island of Misfit Relationships

A  L  O  H  A !

It takes two.
Even a saint cannot
repair a damaged relationship.

All you can do
is behave as your best self,
and limit contact.
[even when you are together]

Your courtesy,
non-violent manner,
- even friendly overture -
cannot effect repair
unless the other party
wants it,
is capable,
can even SEE
the overture!

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Some can only
run the scripts
that they have always run,
forcing you into
the role assigned to you.

That's all that
they can see.

They're not even present
to themselves.
It's not your failure
but the nature of
free will.

Don't slam doors,
or say in anger
the thing they will

Just continue
on your happy way. . .

Damaged relationships
do not heal
if neglected.

The forgetting scab forms,
covering unresolved tissues.
You can go on with
your life.

Only when
the possibility of healing
with one side,
does survivor find
the grace to finally
heal it alone.

It is over.
You may forgive.

Then the scab
 falls away
revealing freshness,
that portends only

Until then
slam no doors
when you get out
to salvage

Thank You
for Musing Here
with Us!

             Warmly, cloudia