Monday, October 13, 2014

Mural Monday Mage

A L O H A from the Streets of Honolulu
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“Of course there must be 
lots of Magic in the world,"
 he said wisely one day, "

      Frances Hodgson Burnett 
                              The Secret Garden 

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Joining Around This Fire

A  L   O  H  A !
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We Are Learning.

From ancient times
this has been
The Lesson

 Three Generations

" Change
 is an easy panacea. 
It takes character 
to stay in one place 
and be happy there. "
                       Elizabeth C. Dunn

" What part of 
2,000,000 sunrises 
doesn't a pessimist 
understand? "
                            Robert Brault 


When our ancestors gathered
around the fire
at end of day
new interactions blossomed.

By day we communicated
to hunt & cooperate,

But by the fire
new  things emerged:
sharing hopes & story-telling, 
[ 81% of the conversation* ]

The very things
that make us human
evolved as we shared,
as we stared,
as we dreamed, remembered,
traveled time and distance
in our stories.

our fire is 
made of pixels
on a screen.

But together
we dream
we share
lament, & celebrate.

We make each other human.
Returning to our "Day"
to our "Work"
revived & refreshed.

Thank YOU friend
for sharing the stories!

                           Fondly, cloudia