Thursday, June 20, 2013

My Music

Venus by Frankie Avalon on Grooveshark
Certain music, certain songs, 
certain sounds 
affected me strongly 
as a child.

The song above (play it!)
 a train whistle far away
 in the mysterious night 
beyond the  walls
 of my girlhood room...

I played the melody flute,
an indestructible nickel plated
 transverse flute sounded via
 fipple. link

Those 6 holes entranced me.

 Their combinations brought 
I was hooked.
Quickly deviating from 
Mary Had a Little Lamb, 
and Hot Cross Buns

Though Christmas music
 is my go-to, 
automatic repertoire
still :-)

Despite an embarrassing liaison
 with the trombone, 
I have been a flute girl
 all my life.
 (Which meant "prostitute" 
to an ancient Roman.)

Ocarinas seemed pretty toys 
with their jolly lilt. 
"Ocarina (Italian: “little goose”) 
also called Sweet Potato, "

And recorders! 
Its all coming back to me.

But one who blows music 
out of tubes 
and the occasional sweet potato
must aspire to 
the real open mouth flute 
played horizontally. 
That's your big girl! 

I wanted to play flute
with the radio. 

Where was I?
 Yes, playing rock and roll, 
in the late 60s....on a flute! 

Thank god for Ian Anderson 

or I'd never have been invited to 
jam at all. 
Nothing Is Easy by Jethro Tull on Grooveshark

I was in a weekend band 
while in high school called 
Willow Mill Park.

We had a weekly bar gig 
at which we played originals
 and covers. 

We fantasized that these were 
"early days" and that someday
we'd look fondly back,
 after huge success. 

Silly Cloudia!

Here's me in a threesome with some ocarina friends: