Friday, June 8, 2012

Back Streets Back Roads

A  L  O  H  A !
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A Nice Summer Day to Wander

" I live on a one-way street
 that's also a dead end. 
I'm not sure how I got there.  "

Steven Wright

So many wonders to see!

"You need to let
 the little things
 that would ordinarily
 bore you 
thrill you.” 

Andy Warhol

Just riding past- what's happening HERE?

“There are no
 ordinary moments. 
There is always 
going on.” 

 Peaceful Warrior

Wait! Look at the trousers. Could it be?!

" It always amazes me 
to think
 that every house 
on every street 
is full of so many stories; 
so many triumphs 
and tragedies, 
and all we see 
are yards and driveways.  "

Glenn Close

YES!  Lion Dancers at Practice!

" Great works 
are often born
 on a street corner 
or in a restaurant's
 revolving door.  "

Albert Camus

 >  <  }  }  ( ° >

Isn't Summer just the time for wandering?

After daily routines of school for months
the child in each of us awakes to
June light and realizes: Freedom!

I like the back streets,
 the carriage ways, back alleys
and lanes- 
 of which Honolulu has many.

One of the things I learned from Dad:
The main routes - are not the ONLY way.

Civilians knew the main roads,
but we knew the shortcuts, sights,
and logic
of going just one block over.

On my scooter
I still prefer our leafy residential streets
most laid in the 20th Century
of which this small island city
is a singular museum.

There is a picture of the President
on a visit home after his grandma "Toot"
had passed,
walking alone (for the moment)
down my fave little Young St
(I guess his too)
a block from where he grew up
in her home. 

Are YOU wandering this Summer,
in your town?

Can't WAIT
to see your pictures,
and hear YOUR stories;
but as for me,
I'll be ambling around
Honolulu Town
on my little scooter.

Toot!   Toot!

Thank YOU for stopping

                              Warmly, cloudia