Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Chinatown Double Ten Parade

Welcome to Honolulu Chinatown: 
Oldest in the West
Purple Bamboo Melody by Traditional Chinese Music on Grooveshark

Ko`olau Mountains
 behind Honolulu Town
remind me of an 
Asian brush drawing.

 Nice day for a parade

Ten Ten, or Double Ten Day
is the National Holiday
of the Republic of China
( Taiwan )

 When are children ever still?

 Sun Yat-sen 
was born on 12 November 1866
 to a Cantonese Hakka family.
  Evidence suggests
 that he was  born at Ewa
 in Honolulu, Hawaii.

 Some claim that he came to
at age 13.

 When they are lost in thought. . . .

 Like any other person

 Everything OK in there?

 Here comes the parade!

 We do know
 that Dr. Sun lived here
 among us,
attending Iolani School,
and Punahou 
as our President
Obama did.

 Some say 
that the cosmopolitan court and 
democratic politics
of Hawaii's King Kalakaua
inspired young Sun's
 earliest political

 In 1883 the King
awarded 2nd prize
in English grammar
to the young student

has had a thriving 
Chinese community
from Kalakaua's times.

would not BE the 
Hawaii we know and love
without the Chinese
people and influences.

 Portable Rainbow

 Dignified Guardian

 Missing the Parade

 Age:   Far & Near

 By the Window

 Hawaii Family
posing before 
Dr. Sun's Statue.

 Memories Under Construction

 What revolution
might THESE Honolulu
children lead,
to improve our world
when they grow up?

 So pretty-
Is it REAL?

 " Sincerity 
makes the very least
 to be of more value 
than the most talented
 hypocrite.  "

Charles Spurgeon


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