Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hoy Somos Todos Los Mineros Chilenos!

HOLA!          A L O H A !

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Spiral Reflection

Aloha is not an idea, ideal, or theory of behavior.

It is a way of being.

It is behavioral

or it is nothing.

Being sincere in your patriotism

doesn't make you right about everything

or excuse intolerance.

"The more helpless a creature,

the more entitled it is

to protection by man

from the cruelty of man."



Why does a person,
a worker,
have to be trapped underground
for us to care deeply
about them?

Why does a person
have to travel
down into a tomb
to rescue others
for us to really see
and appreciate
the heroism
or everyday 

Chile has shown all of us,
has reminded the world,
that in times of challenge
it is proper to pull together.

We Americans
are always proving our truths
by finding fault in others,
by finding someone to blame,
by being 'right'
rather than 

we are all Chilean.

And in this way
let us so remain!

Warmly, cloudia