Monday, August 6, 2012

Let's Cathect

" Cathect: to invest emotion or feeling in an idea, object, or another person. "
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A  L  O  H  A !
 " The sad truth is
that most evil is done
by people
who never make up
their minds
to be good
or evil. "

Hannah Arendt

 " You be the sun,
I'll be the moon.
Just let your light
Come shining through,
And when night comes,
Just like the moon,
I'll shine the light
Right back at you.


" Ideas can be life-changing.
 Sometimes all you need 
to open the door
 is just one more
 good idea.  "

Jim Rohn 

" Reality is a sliding door. "
Ralph Waldo Emerson

You & I
cannot take responsibility
for the inner work,
the challenges,
and struggles
of those we love.
What we CAN do
is show them
we care,
and ameliorate
emotional fall-out
by forgiving
And ourselves.

All you can do
is love them.  

Just never forget:
the only responsibility
that is yours to the end
is the sacred one
to yourself. 

Always care
for that one
in your care

Only then
will you be enabled
to care effectively
for others. . . 
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Thank YOU
for being a person
who cares.

YOUR visit
is accepted as
a gift here.

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                   Warmly, cloudia