Sunday, April 15, 2012

Let Them Be

A  L  O  H  A !

" The first step 
towards getting somewhere
 is to decide 
that you are not
 going to stay where you 
are.  "

Chauncey Depew

" When you do the
 common things in life 
in an uncommon way,
 you will command 
the attention of 
the world.  "

George Washington Carver

" -eyes without speaking 
confess the secrets
 of the heart. "

 Saint Jerome 

 " It is because of the 
of parents and others
that children 
are able to grow
and become
themselves. . . "

To give love
is to give the precious
gift of nothing,
 To give love
is to let be. "

Herbert McCabe


Which reminds me
of one of my favorite

A blogger
went to visit
a friend in the hospital.
The blogger fussed about,
spoke to the staff,
freshened up the room.

the friend blurted out:
"Don't just DO something-
STAND there!"

In other words:
Don't try to fix me,
just BE for me,
be WITH me.

I want to thank YOU
for standing by
Comfort Spiral-
That's ME !

                             Warmly, cloudia