Friday, October 28, 2011

A Day

A L O H A !

You gotta click on  these photos
You never know what the day holds.
Yesterday, I had so much fun on my scooter
that I was thinking of trying to share that pleasure
with you in a post.

When I went downstairs this morning,
Scooty wouldn't start.
Silly how out-of-sorts
such of things can make one.

But they sure do!

"Hey it could be worse,"
the kind Hawaiian security guard offered,
"you coulda had an accident."

I was nice to him (I hope)
but preoccupied and upset.

While I was walking on some errands near-by,
sirens came from every direction.

I was sure that it was an exercise for APEC:
the Convention Center is on that block.

But the sirens all converged
just ahead of me. 

You can't see her here,
but our magnificent Honolulu Fire Dept crew,
HPD, and the Paramedics
were ALL there for a downed bicyclist. 

All this urgent effort, society coming together,
to help ONE person. . . I don't know. . . 
it just really touched my heart.  

With everything
going on in the world, we still care about a 

  Somehow, that makes me feel like we
can wise up, get together, 
and solve our problems.

Yes, we never know what a day holds. 
Today, or tomorrow, 
could be life-changing.

I just wanted to share these thoughts 
with You,

Who have become friends!

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