Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Honolulu 1908

A L O H A From Honolulu!

Never forget that
feeling fantastic is a
massive magnet for
summoning more magic.
  Curtis Tyrone Jones

In 1907, Honolulu High School
was renamed for President William McKinley.
And in 1908 the school was moved to this 
new building facing Thomas Square.

Upon completion of a newer
(and current) facility
further towards Diamond Head on King St,
McKinley HS moved there in 1923.

This building became
Linekona Elementary School.
Linekona is Hawaiian For "Lincoln"
These were Territorial days, and the 
US Territorial government & resident
Americans solidified their cultural and
political connections to the USA.

This is an example of
Romanesque architecture,
Colonial Revival architecture,
Romanesque Revival architecture.
Interestingly, the apparent stone
face is actually cunningly worked

The Road To Success
is dotted with many
tempting parking spaces.
         Will Rogers

(the two are affiliated)

Surf-Riders, Honolulu, circa 1919-20, 
Charles William Bartlett, (1860 – 1940)
Color Woodcut Block Print on Paper

I waved to you outside
but then I realized it
was just one of those
inflatable parking lot gorillas.
   Jane Lynch

The deeper thought is,
the taller it becomes.
 Dejan Stojanovic

All things find a purpose
or aren't.
Solomon Enos

My poems awake at
the sound of your name...

Love You,
Cloudia & Pixie