Friday, April 13, 2012

Your Face Tattoo

A  L  O  H  A !

" My role in society, 
or any artist's or poet's role,
 is to try and express 
what we all feel.

 Not to tell people how to feel.
 Not as a preacher, 
not as a leader, 
but as a reflection of 
us all.  "

John Lennon

" The role of a writer 
is not to say 
what we all can say,
 but what we are unable
 to say.  "

Anais Nin

" The role of a comedian 
is to make the audience laugh,
 at a minimum of once
 every fifteen seconds.  "

Lenny Bruce

 " So one day, 
in a fit of trying to do something 
 I just dyed my hair dark brown 
and got my first role 
a week later, 
after which I thought:
 'People are closed-minded, man!
 Like a different hair colour 
changes everything! ' "

Emma Stone 

We all play many roles,
in our families,
at work,
in our own eyes.

When I played the role
of working with
at-risk youth & adults,
we used to play a
that some call:
"Crowns & Thorns"

Small cards were labeled:

"Leader"  "Elderly" "Kid"
"Crazy" "Troublemaker"
"Support Staff"
and such.

The cards are handed out
and each person at the table
tapes one to their forehead
without reading it.

Everyone in the group
can see your label
And you can easily see
everyone else's  label.

Then the group takes on
a task, like planning
an office party.

In a remarkably small time,
everyone is treating the "Leader"
with deference,
and rolling their eyes,
or even laughing
when the "Crazy" person
tries to participate.

At game's end
what their own unseen label
because they have been
forced into that role.

And this is only a 
brief game!

What a huge role
play in our interactions
with others,
and our feelings about

What roles
are YOU forced into?
What is tattooed
on your face?

Can we change
our label?

What habits and labels
guide your treatment
of others?

Label me grateful
for YOUR Visit!

Here at Comfort Spiral,
 YOUr label reads:
"Valued Friend "

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Warmly, cloudia