Sunday, February 25, 2024

Poetry Takes Over

A L O H A From Honolulu!

In a green place,
see my real face
No mirrors here,
just nature's grace,
In a green place, you can
wear your real face.
Then return to the world
with renewal and grace.

Clouds are not loud
just high on the sky
oblivious to unknowing crowds
and watchers such as you and I.

I adore the exclamation point:
No grand facade, no gilded name
just doorway to a world untold,
where hearts connect,
and troubles flee
in moments of pure gold.

Tricks and sleights of hand,
illusions that amaze,
But something deeper dances
within magician's gaze.

Beyond the trickster's art
a hidden truth resides,
In sleights of heart
the greater part
where empathy confides.

Card tricks become metaphors,
illusions speak of trust,
And every vanishing act reminds us,
nothing's lost, just transformed;
We adjust.

The audience smiles
with sparkling eyes,
forgetting fears and pain,
Weary souls find solace
In laughter's healing rain.

The grand finale is more
than theater smoke and flare,
Hearts unveil, and burdens lift
as emotions are laid bare.

When applause begins to fade,
Magic lingers in our hearts
Have we played or prayed?
Something's fading, something starts.

Come to the little theater
where dreams and lives collide,
And find the magic waiting there
Come now. Don't wait.
Step inside!

Cloudia [All]

Hearts rebuilt from hope 
resurrect dreams 
killed by hate.
Each star is a mirror
reflecting the truth
inside you.


Love You,
Pixie & Cloudia

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