Tuesday, September 2, 2014

September Strive or Stroll

A  L  O  H  A !
' kulia na mamo. '
Striving for excellence 

Lenticular Delight

"The universe is full
of magical things
patiently waiting
for our wits
to grow sharper."

                     Eden Philpotts

Lion of Scotland
" When the sky
 puts on a show,
 take the time
 to look up. "
                     Carmi Levy

We should all get out more

" You live longer 
once you realize 
that any time spent
 being unhappy
 is wasted. "
                Ruth E. Renkl 

"See and Be Seen"
" To touch the soul 
of another human being 
is to walk 
on holy ground. "
                      Stephen R. Covey


To quote Joni Mitchell
"Love is touching souls;
Surely You've touched mine."
Thank YOU!
                   Warmly, cloudia