Sunday, June 10, 2012

In a Garden

A  L  O  H  A !

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" Asparagus 
inspires gentle thoughts. "
Charles Lamb

See that?

“ Don’t put off living
 to next week, 
next month, next year 
or next decade.
The only time you’re ever
is in this moment.”  

 Celestine Chua

Well hello!

" Science arose from poetry... 
when times change 
the two can meet again 
on a higher level 
as friends.  "


“My life is my message.” 


" A gentleman has his eyes 
on all those present; 
he is tender toward
 the bashful, 
gentle toward 
the distant, 
and merciful 
 toward the absent.  "

Lawrence G. Lovasik

" I stare and stare.
 It seems 
I was called for this: 
To glorify things 
just because 
they are.  "

Czeslaw Milosz

- in a garden. . .

" Some people
 think luxury is the opposite
 of poverty.
 It is not. 
It is the opposite of 
vulgarity. "

Coco Chanel


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