Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Seeing Weather

A  L  O  H  A !

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For some reason
the childish fascination
with watching clouds
never left me.

Studying meteorology at university
hipped me to the hows and where-fores
of weather formation.
Climate is actually a
complex and lovely dance.
Even the Earth's turning
plays a part in the beautifully named
Coriolis effect. 

 Different clouds are formed
by different forces and conditions.

However, lest your fear
to lose the fascination
with too much information
don't worry;
The clouds, the sky
remain a vast unconscious
pageant, evoking heart
and art.
I M A G I N A T I O N.

In fact, 
understanding what you are seeing
and being able to name it
adds a whole other dimension
to one's time spent consorting
with the sporting clouds.

 The other day
idly musing,
slightly focused on the sky,
I saw the Trade Winds return!

The sky was congested
with milling clouds,
puffy one's formed over the island
going nowhere 
in a Land/Sea regime.

But the trades were returning
and I happened to see them:
a fast moving cloud appeared
different from all the others;
Is that a heroic Hawaiian paddler
surrounded by surging surf/air,
a sea bird over his shoulder,
welcoming him to these islands??!!

I saw a weather situation,
and knew what it was,
but I also received a great

The only thing to do
was to write a poem.
I hope you like it:

I Saw the Trade Winds Return

I saw the Trades return today
gazing at the sky
docile clouds in a mass;
Then what should pass? 

a canoe of mist
great voyager sits

upraised oar
passing before the
 grazing fleece

Sky/sea bird over his shoulder
all else in the sky that much slower-

I Saw their Passing
then heard the winds
stirred up and splashing;
Curtain curtseyed
admitting zephyr

I have seen the Trades Return
and so the Hawaiian Sky
has become my


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