Monday, May 18, 2020

Do Swing

A   L   O   H   A  !
Be Your Own
Kind Of Cloud

When you are content

to be simply yourself 

and don’t compare 

or compete, 

everybody will 

respect you. 

            Lao Tzu 

Bloom YOUR Way

Some people around you 

will not understand 

your journey

They don’t need to;

it’s not for them.

     Paulo Coelho

Wear Your Culture

Preservation of one's 

own culture 

does not require 

contempt or disrespect

for other cultures. 
     Cesar Chavez

Surf Change With Grace

Life is a lot like surfing… 

When you get caught in

the impact zone, 

you’ve got to

just get back up. Because 

you never know what 

may be over the next wave.

          Bethany Hamilton

Bat Man?!

Pendulums do swing.

People do awaken.

Wrong acts

and lying words

sooner or later

bring failure.

The bigger they act 

the harder they fall.

Those who endure
all the way through

shall inherit
a New Day!

                      cloudia & Pixie

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