Monday, February 28, 2022

Resigning My Commission

A L O H A From Honolulu!
I no longer feel
commissioned to explain
the already settled to
intractable people.

I've always been interested
in people and what they think
even taking a degree in Psychology and working to influence clients
to choose their own good.
But now feels the time
for me to step away from such
involved caring about
opinions of strangers.

Less convincing
More sharing with
the like-minded.
That's YOU!

Plumeria pudica is a
species of the genus
Plumeria, native to
Panama, Colombia
and Venezuela.
This profuse bloomer
has leaves in the
shape of a cobra's hood,
[Above the "d" in pudica]
and its flowers are white
with a yellow center.

   Red Vented Bulbul Link

Smile and encourage

the world you move through.

Avoid and don't engage

with angry people.

Keep moving. Move on.

Smile Kindly. Care.

Encourage what is Good.

Cray will always
be Cray-Cray. Just give it it space,
continue doing the
right thing.



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