Monday, February 3, 2014

Unlikely Treasure

A     L     O     H     A   !

" I grew up terrified
 of what I knew myself
 to be. 
I felt haunted by it
because it was both
 a crime 
and a mental illness 
when I was a child.  .  .  
I was part 
of this wonderful
 wave of liberation."

Armistead Maupin 
Author of the beloved 
"Tales of the City" 
[epic chronicle of 
great characters
in a special, particular
time & place - cloudi ]  

" Surely the strange
 beauty of the world 
must somewhere
 rest on 
pure joy! "

Louise Bogan

       Kitty &  Kolea [Golden Plover]

" Nothing is black or white,
 nothing's 'us or them.' 
.  .  .  there are 
magical, beautiful 
things in the world. 
There's incredible acts 
of kindness and
 bravery, and 
in the most 
unlikely places, 
and it gives you 
hope. "

Dave Matthews 


I dropped my ball cap
in a puddle.
wear the ball cap
under my motorcycle helmet
as a clean liner
and for the sun-bill.

So I wore my
virgin helmet
without 'protection'

So I was able to 
the recessed visor (!)
and enjoy some
in the rain!

Don't fret life's puddles,
enjoy the skies & clouds
reflected therein.

Or something like that,
my friends!

I love the optimism
and point-of-view
we enjoy at 
Your blogs!

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