Thursday, February 20, 2014

Sunny Hawaii Day

A    L    O    H    A  !
This morning, we woke to SUN.
 It's been a bit grey lately
" The same view 
you look at 
every day, 
the same life, 
can become 
something brand new 
by focusing on 
its gifts 
rather than the 
negative aspects. 
Perspective is your own 
choice and 
the best way to 
shift that perspective 
is through gratitude, 
by acknowledging and 
appreciating the positives. "

 Bronnie Ware 

Everyone just loving it.
 See the waterfall?
" An artist's career 
always begins 
tomorrow. "

James Whistler

Even the SUN herself was showing off-
 Glad to be back
" We must all 
the great law of 
It is the 
most powerful law 
of nature. "

Edmund Burke

Perhaps a Sunset this evening!
" I love the audience
 for my blog and these posts. 
I feel it's one of the few times 
I've seen a community of 
genuine good people 
trying to improve. 
I don't write here 
to sell books 
but to build community 
and make friends. "


Just Like US!


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Warmly, cloudia