Friday, June 29, 2012

Daily Life Scene- With Ships

 A  L  O  H  A !

" Children
 should be led
 into the right paths, 
not by severity, 
but by 
persuasion. "


 " It is easy to give advice
 from a port of safety.  "

Friedrich Schiller

“ In the love of narrow souls
 I make many short voyages
 but in vain 

 - I find no sea room - 

but in great souls
 I sail before the wind
without a watch, 

and never reach the shore.”

 Henry David Thoreau

" The past
 is an old armchair
 in the attic, 
the present 
an ominous
 and the future 
 anybody's guess. "

James Thurber


The phone rings. 
 It is my blog invisible husband - 
we usually have inconsequential convos 
throughout the day.

THIS is one of those calls:

BlogInvisibleHusband : Hey, I just pulled off a
 coup d'├ętat !
Me: Did you use a tissue?

BIH:  Tissue?

ME: Well, when you deal with a
 cootie. . .

We laugh

BIH: There's a guy here with a Yo Yo;
 Now he's making it sleep!

(Off the phone) Hey! 
 Let me show you 'Baby in the cradle!'
(Back to me) 

As you can tell:
for each other-

Thank YOU
for being a Perfect Pal-
                           Warmly, cloudia