Tuesday, September 30, 2014

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A  L  O  H  A !
Three Ages

History was a subject in school
How things came to be as they are.

All too soon “Are” and “Is”
become “Was.”
History grows bigger
digesting you
and everything you hate
or love
with Change.

The role you play changes
well behaved student - push and shove
explorer planting flags in life and love,

Dancing with your special one
till tasks on the treadmill are never done.
Hopefully you’ll play again
in the gold afternoon of your shared sun
ignoring the retreating light
yet bursting to tears over geese in flight.

Look to the glowing embers
not the dark,
Pleasures and Remembers
render it much less stark.

And when I am
and when I do
among my greatest glories:
my history with you.


Thank YOU
for being here!
Fondly, cloudia

Monday, September 29, 2014

Happy Easy Anti Aging Tips

A  L  O  H  A !
Make Someone Happy by Jimmy Durante on Grooveshark
Click on Photo for Full Experience 

It makes sense
to cultivate
our inner strengths
our outer ones

"Old age
 is like a plane 
flying through a storm. 
Once you're aboard, 
there's nothing 
you can do." 
                      Golda Meir

"Let no feeling
 of discouragement
 prey upon you,
 and in the end you 
are sure to succeed." 
                     Abraham Lincoln 

"Opportunities to find
 deeper powers
 within ourselves 
come when life 
seems most challenging." 
Joseph Campbell


Here are 3 Anti-Aging Tips I Use.
Adopt, Adapt, or merely Laugh
as suits YOUR situation.
Insights remain valid

On one foot 
then the other.
Works your core
thighs, ankles, feet,
preserves sense of
Hold a table's edge
or such till just
one finger is enough.
Then without finger touching.
Becomes easy [-er]

Then jump
 to maintain bone mass, 
leg strength,
respiratory capacity 
 and coordination 
to avoid falls.
DO Avoid falls!
proceed hop by hop.
Begin by holding on.
Stay within your zone
which WILL expand
and you will feel great.

 Dump 99% of sugary treats
[includes many prepared foods]
for frozen organic fruit
Tastes sweet, no blood sugar
spikes, health benefits,
harms avoided.
a win/win for You!

Simple things
make BIG improvements
Thanks for joining us today
in the Green Zone
Wishing YOU the Best,

Bonus Points:
Coconut oil!
For cooking, 
anointing healing
skin and mouth,
[ oil pulling ]
butter substitute. . .
and MORE-

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Today's Flowers

A  L  O  H  A !
Bird Of Paradise

 " Listen to your heart.
 It knows all things,
 because -

- it came from 
the Soul of the World
 and it will 
one day 
return there." 
                                      Paulo Coelho

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Thank You!
                  Warmly, cloudia

Kindness Lizard

A  L  O  H  A !
" One can pay back 
the loan of gold,
 but one dies 
forever in debt 
to those 
who are kind. "
                    Malayan Proverb

" Kindness begets kindness. "
Greek Proverb

" Kindness is
 the golden chain 
by which society
 is bound together. "

Self Portrait

" Wherever
 there is a human being, 
there is an opportunity 
for a kindness. "


Thank YOU Kindly
For Visiting!
               Warmly, cloudia

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Macro Mountain Moon

A L O H A !
" I never know 
what I'm going to put 
on the canvas.
 The canvas paints itself. 
I'm just the middleman. "
Peter Max

" The waking mind 
is the least 
in the arts." 
Henry Miller

" The quieter 
you become, 
the more 
you can hear. "
                   Ram Dass 

" What I am looking for
 is a blessing
 N O T
in disguise. "
                 Jerome K. Jerome

“I don't know anything 
with certainty, 
but seeing the stars 
makes me dream.” 
                     Vincent van Gogh

[ [}]

Thank YOU
for looking in!
                 Warmly, cloudia

Friday, September 26, 2014

Sea Turtle Says

A  L  O  H  A !
Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle by Carroll Cox

" By choosing to be 
our most authentic 
and loving self, 
we leave a trail 
of magic 
everywhere we go. "
                           Emmanuel Dagher 

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Thank YOU
for visiting!
       Fondly, cloudia

Rubies Diamonds Pebbles

A  L  O  H  A !
" Creativity is...
seeing something 
that doesn't exist. . .

 You need to find out 
how you can 
bring it into being 

and that way 
be a playmate 
with God. "
                  Michele Shea


Having a great view 
of distances:
City, Countryside, 
Weather, Seasons, Ocean
Provides tranquilization,
insight & wisdom
by direct line
it seems-
putting things
 in their place.

Visual Perspective 
is only
a small part of 
what a great view

Sea Cloud Curtain Click on photo to see tiny sailboat

Clouds loom
and they loom large.

Even small puffs
feel just out of reach.

But tiny sea clouds
on a far distant horizon
seem enchanted

 Tiny Ship Spectacular

" The shoe 
that fits one person 
pinches another; 
there is no recipe 
for living 
that suits all cases." 
                         Carl Jung

 Sky Cherries

" You have no need 
to go anywhere. 
Journey into yourself. 
Enter a mine of rubies 
and bathe 
in the splendor 
of your own light. "

Red Angle

" A diamond 
with a flaw 
is worth more 
than a pebble 
without imperfections. "
                                  Chinese Proverb

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Thank YOU
For Flying By!
              Fondly, cloudia

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Courtly Chaos

" You must have 
within you 
to give birth 
to a dancing star. "



Thank YOU
for Mooning Here!

Hawaii Yacht Club

A L O H A !
The fence of the Hawaii Yacht Club
Founded 1901 [click to enlarge]

" Gratitude 
opens doors 
where doors 
did not exist. "
            Rich Simmonds

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Thank You!
                   Warmly cloudia

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

I Love Neon Signs

A  L  O  H  A !

The Venerable Like Like, 
Longtime Honolulu Restaurant
(Lee-Kay - Lee-Kay)

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Thank You
for looking in!
              Warmly, cloudia

Playing My Bamboo Flute for YOU

A  L  O  H  A !

“In the end 
we shall have had 
enough of cynicism, 
 and humbug,
 and we shall 
want to live 
more musically.” 
                                        Vincent van Gogh


The Trade Winds 
have returned
and life in the islands
feels delicious again.
Perfect weather for
 bamboo flute playing

Thank YOU 
for listening!
                     Warmly, cloudia

Come Ride With Me

A L O H A 
Where You Like GO?
Look! My old number, Puka 9 
- from my immigrant days 
driving taxi here in Honolulu.

[ The book cover to the right there
is a link to my autobiographical
novel about discovering Hawaii
and myself ]

Let's RIDE around a little, 

click on photo to see human driver

" If everything on earth
 were rational, 
would ever happen. "


Driving into Manoa Valley, Valley of Rainbows

"Walk neither faster 
nor slower 
than your own soul.  
Because it is your soul 
that will teach you 
the usefulness 
of each step 
you take."  
                  Paulo Coelho

Aloha means:
"WE share the Breath of Life!"
So let's share with no expectation

" Faithfulness 
and sincerity 
are the highest things. "


I used to be 
very sensitive to 
exclusion by others,
I' m more focused 
on including everyone
in my Aloha

Makiki Christian Church 1931  

"Whoever does not
 love his work 
cannot hope that
 it will please others."

 Up in the hills, back in the valleys, 
down to the beach:
I chased calls all over the island in my cab.
Sure, I'll take your surf board.

" Never look down 
on anybody 
unless you are 
helping them up "
                          Jesse Jackson

12 hour shift just about PAU 
Time to head back to the yard.
This was day tour. 
Driving at night
was memorable 
and educational.
[The book is largely nocturnal.]


Thank YOU
For Riding Along
Please Stay Come Again!

Your Driver: Cloudia