Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Emptiness Within

A L O H A !
Everybody Hurts by R.E.M. on Grooveshark

Cue the orchestra! Let the morning's overture
hint at today's themes

"Thanks to a benevolent arrangement
the greater part of life is sunshine. "

Thomas Jefferson

" Nature gives you the face
you have at twenty;
it is up to you to merit the face
you have at fifty.  "

Coco Chanel


" I never forget a face,
but in your case
I'll be glad to make an exception. "
Groucho Marx

A Tree once had an indentation.

Does it really matter HOW it happened,
or why?

Because the tree had a hollow 
it felt different from others.

Realizing the futility,
at last,
of hiding that void,
the tree frankly surrendered
to simply feeling empty

One moonless night,
a night as dark and empty
as the tree with the hollow
something happened. 

Where the lack had been
a SPACE emerged;
A welcoming refuge
and mirror
for the creatures
of the wood.

Drawn to the tree's
humble emptiness,
much like their own,
they filled it

" Nobody has to guess
That Baby can't be blessed
Till she finally sees
that she's like all the rest "

Bob Dylan

'Just Like A Woman





   > < } } ( ° >

Thank YOU
each of YOU-

In Kuala Lumpur
or Mumbai,
Great Britain
or Perth;

Skoog Farm
or New York City,

or Malaysia,

 New England.


or Detroit-

Thank YOU
for being JUST like me-

though EACH of you is 

This relationship that we enjoy
is a blessing.


we are repairing the breach
and healing the world;
EACH in our own little 
'insignificant' lives.

I Love US!

Thanks for being a big part of it all

Fondly, cloudia