Saturday, July 26, 2014

Noble Critter

A L O H A !
“Each meeting occurs 
at the precise moment 
for which it was meant. 
when it will have 
the greatest impact
 on our lives.” 
             Nadia Scrieva


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                Warmly, cloudia

IN, But Not FOR

A  L  O  H  A !
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" Generally, 
by the time you are real, 
most of your hair 
has been loved off, 
and your eyes drop out 
and you get loose 
in the joints 
and very shabby. 

But these things 
don’t matter at all, 
because once you are
you can’t be ugly, 
except to people 
who don’t understand."
                               Margery Williams, 
                                    The Velveteen Rabbit

love not
 the wise, 
 love not
 the sober."
                  Ukrainian Proverb

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" To be social 
is to be 
                    Robert Frost

Fashionable Player

"A civilized society is 
one which tolerates 
to the point of 
doubtful sanity."
               Robert Frost
Lucky for ME!


I want to really 
IN the moment; 
but not live 
just FOR 
the moment.

How About You,