Thursday, January 10, 2013

Honolulu Shinto New Year

A L O H A !


Westerners call a sumptuous sight:
"A Feast for the Eyes"

Japanese people
'Me No Shogatsu'
[ New Year for the Eyes ]

It is a special time.
Here in Honolulu
we share
with Aloha!

Thank YOU
for looking in.

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Makiki Samurai

A  L  O  H  A !

This is NOT in Japan.

It is NOT Himenji Castle

courtesy: Rdsmith4

This IS
Himeji Castle, 
Himeji, Hyogo,

One of my Top 10
Honolulu 'stuck-in-traffic'

Makiki  Christian Church
Built 1932
Hego Fuchino, Architect

 After the Pearl Harbor attack
[ less than 10 years
after the church was built ]
many local families
burned priceless heirlooms,
pictures and artifacts
that were
 ' Too Japanese. '

this church
survived that time.

The city has quite grown up
around it.

It provides a
into the Honolulu
of Yesterday. . . 

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