Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Canada Day

A L O H A     C  A  N  A  D  A !

O Canada by Nikki Yanofsky on Grooveshark

 " Canada is a place of infinite promise. 

We like the people, 

and if one ever had to emigrate,
 this would be the destination,
not the U.S.A.
The hills, lakes and forests
 make it a place of peace
and repose of the mind,
 such as one never finds
 in the U.S.A. "

John Maynard Keynes

" Canada
is the greatest nation
in this country. "  

Allan Lamport
former Mayor of Toronto

 " Canada 
is one of the planet's 
most comfortable,
and caring, societies.
 The United Nations
 Human Development Index
cited the country
 as the most desirable place
 in the world
 to live. "

Time magazine

 " Canada stands as a model 
of how people of different cultures
 can live and work together
 in peace, prosperity,
 and mutual respect. "

Bill Clinton

 And we in Hawaii, 
especially Waikiki
appreciate our many 
Canadian friends,
and part time residents.

Sorry for the delay,

But O Canada!
We salute YOU
with much Aloha
on your Special Day

                         Warmly, cloudia

Oahu Mountains

A  L  O  H  A !

Take A Walk In The Country by Makaha Sons of Ni'ihau on Grooveshark

 Keahiakahoe (above)
[ kay - ah-hee - ahka - hoy ]
 is a 2,820 foot peak 
of Oahu's Ko`olau Mountains.
 Here, she presides over
 Kaneohe Town
on our windward side. 

Kaneohe Bay from Keahiakahoe

" One sees great things
from the valley;
 only small things 
from the peak. "

Gilbert K. Chesterton

courtesy: theaircraft.net

A US Army air Corps B-17E
 arrived in Hawaii on 18 Dec 41,
 11 days after the attack on Pearl Harbor.  
It crashed into the cliffs of Mt. Keahiakahoe 
less than 4 months later on
 Easter Sunday, 5 April 1942.

 Sweet as Honolulu Town is,
in Summer some turn
their eyes to the mountains
above town, our
  ' Mauka'  side

[ Ocean, Kai
is the yin
to Mauka's yang:
' Makai. ' ]

Above is Punchbowl Crater,
home to a National Cemetery
where our military heroes are buried,
including President Obama's
grandfather (who gave young Barack a home)
Stanley Dunham,
a WWII Vet
( Like my Dad )

The mountains are close,
and rural Oahu 
is just beyond them.
( until we stupidly 
pave it over, that is! 
See it NOW )

" I long
 for rural and domestic 
 for the warbling of birds
 and the prattling
 of my children.  "

John Adams

“ Keep close to Nature's heart...
and break clear away,
once in awhile,
  climb a mountain . . .
Wash your spirit 
clean. ”

 John Muir 

"- like an abandoned theater.
The play is finished,
but the echoes
remain. "

 Arbit Blatas

 Spooky.  Who, or what,
is in that window?

 " It is dismal coming home,
 when there is
to welcome one! "

    Ann Radcliffe,

Breathtaking pictures taken by a hiker on Keahiakahoe  HERE

Thanks for climbing by today!
Scrawl your
 "i was here"
in comments

                           Warmly, cloudia

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