Tuesday, December 4, 2012


A   L   O   H   A  !
 " Compassion 
is the antitoxin of the  
where there is
 even the most poisonous
 impulses remain 
relatively harmless. "
Eric Hoffer  

" One of the best parts
 of growing older?
 You can flirt all you like
 since you've become
 harmless.  "

Liz Smith

 " Nature's great masterpiece,
 an elephant; 
the only 
harmless great thing.  "

John Donne


" An authentically empowered person
 is humble.
This does not mean 
the false humility of one who stoops
 to be with those who are below him or her.
It is the inclusiveness
 of one who responds
 to the beauty of each soul.
...It is the harmlessness 
of one who treasures,
and reveres life 
in all its forms. "

~ Gary Zukav ~

 ~  ><333>  ~

It's kind of a mild insult
to say that someone
is 'harmless.'

We respect
P O W E R!

Girls don't want
a guy who is 

seems to mean

But in practice,
we LIKE the company
of harmless folk,
like grandarents.

As I have aquired
genuine power
I have beome calmer
and more welcoming.

Others can feel
that I will not
suddenly burst out
at them
in anger.

So they approach,
like birds
bringing their 
song and beauty
into my life.

Being harmless
unleashes TRUE

So thank YOU
for flying by !

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Parchment Pages

A L O H A !
“I had always found comfort
 in the leaves,
 in their silence.
 They were like
 a parchment 
that holds words 
of wisdom.
Simply holding them
 in my hand
 gave me 
some of the peace 
a tree possesses.
 To be like that-
to just be-
that's the most noble
 thing of all.”
 Silas House, 
A Parchment of Leaves 

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