Friday, July 6, 2012

My Angry Friends

A  L  O  H  A !
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" Freedom is the right 
to tell people 
what they do not want
 to hear. "

George Orwell

 “ It is generally agreed that
 is an appropriate greeting
because if you entered a room 
and said
 it could confuse
 a lot of people ”

 Dolph Sharp

" Love
 is of the soul.
 is of the personality. "

 Gary Zukav 
 "Seat Of The Soul"

" The only thing
more destructive
than a tornado
is a family. "

Reynolds Price

 " You
 multitude of the dead
 are merely
 who have done certain things, 
and the memory of those things
 illuminates my path. "

Frank Herbert,

" Have a heart
 that never hardens. .  . 
and a touch 
that never hurts.  "

Charles Dickens

< ° ) } } > <

Some people 
seem so angry 
these days.

Everyone it seems
reserves the right
to be right

 they are angry about it.

Some people
are scary angry,
full of far-fetched
conspiracy theories-
all of which
seem to match
their own
prejudices, and 
comfort zone-
isn't that convenient!
in judging those
they never met,
their own motivations
are a mystery 
to themselves.

If you don't agree
100 percent
then they become angry
at you too;
Or if they like you,
merely condescending
and dismissive.

Angry people
 want to instruct
 you & me
because NOBODY
who understands
could possibly
with their
version of events.

Hey angry people,
I'm done engaging with you.
You never listen,
you never acknowledge
anything I say.
Facts bounce off you-
so I'm done.

"What, "
you say,
"You are dismissing my views
from here on out,
without even listening?! "

Yes, angry friend,
Now I am going
to behave
 just like you.

Only without the 
corrosive anger.

Instead I will laugh
to myself
as I shake my head
and give your 
radical lunacy
the wide berth
it so richly

With Voltaire
and an intellectual,
so you no-doubt
think he's stupid) 
with Voltaire I say:

" Think for yourself, 
ditto head,
and let others enjoy
the same privilege. " 

What do you,
my non-angry friends
think about this?

                         Warmly,  cloudia